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(free) 03:35


released September 17, 2007



all rights reserved


Alina Simone New York, New York

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Track Name: Velvet Painting
Come, come, come
We’re all on the run
No one sleeps at night
The phones all ring
The sirens sing
The stars seem extra bright
And the buildings all
Light up like ornaments
In some black velvet painting
Over the bed
I want to grab you and tell you
Be happy we found someone to love
‘Cuz out here it never seems to be enough
Yeah, out here it never seems to be enough
No it never never never never never never
Is enough
Track Name: Saw-Edged Grass
You just took off, running through the saw-edged grass
we didn’t even turn we knew
You would come back
No one really knew…we tiptoed around the
Things that set you off like playing with
Matches in the high dry grass
Run, run, there you go, over the creek bed
Why are the brilliant ones always so crazy?
I know you love us more than you love your
Demands but something keeps you running
And only you can stop it.
We let it go in silence.
It takes off the edge.
Sometimes we wrap it up in silence.
Cuz it’s the only way to rescue the wildest friend.
Oh no, there you go, running
Oh no, there you go, running through the saw-edge grass
(turn, turn oh you burn, on the horizon)
Hair whips round your face, tumble through the weekend
(underneath the overpass, over the off ramp)
Something keeps you running and we can only guess
(digging up the things you hid under the footbridge)
Scratches from the branches will only give you away
Track Name: Refugees
So I gave your list to the ones who decide these things
and they said ‘Sorry, you have to wait.’
And I talked to the man who makes all the plans,
but honestly he didn’t seem so into it.
Hey, hey, hey. What do you say?
And I ran to the place where it was all supposed to go down.
But I couldn’t see anything through the crowd.
See, we’re all refugees, running from the scene
and looking for someplace warm and safe to hide
Hey, hey, hey. What do you say?
They’re calling from the middle (stay out in the wild)
They’re called from the middle (you’re out in the wild)
They’re calling from the middle (stay out in the wild)
Track Name: Pacifica
The sun’s like a heavy hand on the visor
You’re sketching the scenery as I drive
Pacifica opens up on the horizon
Stretches of blue ignite and we’re gone
Another daytrip to sea and sky
To catch the water throw off light
We walked, and talked about
These disposable lives of ours
Just waiting for an offer to take off
And start over…Pacifica
Out on the blacktop with time to kill
I’ve got a blank heart for you to fill
Track Name: Swing
Swing, baby, swing.
You’re a bulb on a wire
Alone and apart
in the heart of the crowd
The chaos here it takes you to countries
That just get hotter.
And laugh, baby, laugh,
til your face feels the smile
cross people off the list
when you’re tired
turn off the phone
and wait for the calls
I want you to
Want you to
Learn how to want
Oh, yeah, you come and you go
But it don’t mean a thing
Hit the bars where we’re all
Made of stars
Yeah, we’re all happy friends
I want you to want
I want you to want
I just want you to want
Track Name: Nightswimming
Singing, low and sweet,
A dirge as the water rose
To our hearts
And we float through a city
The stage is deserted and dark
Like trailing vines keep clinging
On and on
Nightswimming but the current’s
Like a carousel unhinged
Firelight…are we gonna reach the scene
Of the crime, with all this evidence in hand?
Or will we just keep feeling our way
Down the river til we see til we see…
Just up ahead just up ahead just up ahead it’s always….
Track Name: Black Water
Star light, blistering white (black water)
A thousand motorbikes (black water)
And housewives still on the run
From (black water) and
Killer spelling bees (black water)
The boys are breaking guitars
In (black water)
And eating little girl hearts in
(black water)
Kind of lovable but kind of
Carelessly cruel
Sort of unstoppable
But officially going nowhere
The colored lights leave you hypnotized
But you’re frozen in the spotlight’s glare
So never be the pretentious one
And never be the one who achieves
Just rock it straight from the crypt
Into (black water)
That’s all it takes to be hip
In (black water)
C’mon, c’mon, c’mon
Wash away your mistakes
In (black water)
Track Name: Lonesome
Sunday night, by subway light
But the train is still far away
You said you’d come,
By now everyone is drinking wine
From paper cups…
Are you lonesome tonight?
Do you feel a little achy?
I don’t think you have a fever,
But I don’t know…you do seem cold.
It’s like black, black, black, black
Black cars you can’t see into.
Leaving you wondering
And waiting on the curb
With all their little secrets
So keep on running from the winter
But you can’t help missing the snow
And all these unfamiliar people
Who can’t ever go back home
Who can’t ever go back home
Track Name: Country of Two
A bottle rocket shot out of a backstreet lot
Trucks up on blocks the empties knocking
Around in the back as we rush straight
Through the Speedway
After the manic landscape blur
Of the flyover states
Suddenly it’s so clear the rest falls away
And I’m back in this country of 2
Where’m I going where’m I coming from?
I’ve been a faceless waitress
And data-collecting something
Someplace off the freeway
It doesn’t matter what I do
To pay for the days
The only thing that’s real, the only place
That’s home is here in this country of 2
Oh, the scenery comes and the scenery goes
And morning feels like the afternoon
But I don’t feel foreign or confused anymore
In this placeless place I found with you
The sound of cars comes crashing in
To this glass-walled box up on the hill
But I’ll never tire of the rhythm that it brings
To this placeless place you found me in
Oh these stars and stripes are just sickle-celled,
hammer-headed sharks and we will remain apart.
These stars and stripes are just sickle-celled,
hammer-headed sharks and we will remain apart.
Track Name: Riot Act
Baby I know you want to rest
Get comfortable with your regrets
Don’t want to hear the riot act
Get read again
Upper west side Central Park view
But you don’t feel quiet inside
Suddenly conscious of just
How high up we are
Now it’s so loud it’s quiet
Ready or not
They’re shouting Quiet! Quiet!
Into the starry night
Oh, did you believe the hype? The lines?
Cause we could foresee the fall,
The crash, the crowds, oh the crowds….
Now it’s so loud it’s quiet
Ready or not
They’re shouting Quiet! Quiet!
Into the starry night
Can you tell me tell me
Where’s the safe house?
Tell me, tell me where to hide out?
Tell me, tell me where’s the safe house?
Tell me, tell me