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Make Your Own Danger

by Alina Simone

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Second original full-length album, produced by Steve Revitte (Black Dice, Liars). Artwork by Vladimir Zimakov.


released June 7, 2011

Produced by Steve Revitte

Mastered by Alan Douches

Chris Barrey: Guitar (3-7, 10), Electric Piano (7), Bass Arrangement (8), Bass (12), Percussion (11)
Shawn Setaro: Guitar (1, 4, 10), Bass (1, 8, 10)
Jenny Petrow: Cello (2)
Greg Heffernan: Cello (1, 5, 6, 8, 9)
John Lynch: Percussion (1-6, 9, 10, 12)
Conrad Doucette: Percussion (8)
Satish: Trumpet (6, 9, 12)
Spock: Flute, Violin, Percussion (11)
Alina Simone: Vocals, Guitar (1, 3, 4, 7-12), Autoharp (2), Strumstick (5)



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Alina Simone New York, New York

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Track Name: Beautiful Machine
Hot sand, the smell of diesel
On the back of my hand
The map is fading and the
Photographs blow out in a string of flares
Strike a match and burn
Through the season
We’ll all go down with
The sun-drenched heathens
Dancing as the lanterns
Softly sway

I want to feel love
Get caught in the echo chamber
I want to get crushed
In the beautiful machine

Oh, the coastline is ghostly
The lighthouse on the hill
Cold and still
The shore keeps getting closer
To the highway
The ocean is closing in
Cold and still

Signal fades, accelerate
The stars are cold and hard
Reflected in the water
Where an Exxon sign blinks on
And on…

I want to feel love
Get caught in the echo chamber
I want to get crushed
In the beautiful machine
Kaleidoscope collapses
Brings me up to the rapture
I want to get caught
In the beautiful machine
Track Name: Glitterati
A stopwatch and a heart full of darkness
Your battered cabs set sail like ships at sea
When no one is around, your glittering
Storefront grates pulled down
The highways are alive with the likes of you

Oh I know, your conversations burrow through the walls
Your words they make their way into my mouth

The shotgun’s going off in the harbor
Where the West Side highway falls into the sea
There’s no one here but us
Two hearts collide and turn to dust
And the whole world opens wide in front of you
Track Name: Gunshots
I thought I heard gunshots last night
Underneath the broken streetlight
Back when this was the bad part of town
All off-track betting joints and dive bars
Rent was cheap and it was well worth it

You called me up long-distance last night
To talk around the problem and fight
I wish there was something much better left to say
But guys like you, you know you can’t really have friends
You save it all for one good woman

So I drove North until it got cold
Where the deer all wait by the sides of the road
Waiting for just the right chance to jump
‘Cuz safety lies over the next hill, always
Yeah I hope we get it right
I hope we get it right
I hope we get it right
Track Name: Day Glow Avenue
Are you dreaming of a lost god
Of a rock star from some forgotten age
Is the anthem playing in your head
As the searchlight sweeps an empty stage

Are you running under water
Follow the arrow down Fascination Street
Facing a window into another world
I think you needed to be found

And to feel surrounded at every turn
Kissing silhouettes dissolving into smoke
It’s an epic soundtrack for the neon days
It’s your revolution and your barricade

Take a walk down Day Glow Avenue
It’s the sweet feel of anonymity
Is it the money, or the season
Or just desire with no place to go

Are you hoping for a savior
When the waitress looks you in the eye
Under the makeup she’s just another girl
Who’s not gonna tell you who you are.

Is the revolution still a day away
As the searchlight sweeps across an empty stage
Do you feel surrounded at every turn
Kissing silhouettes dissolving into smoke
Track Name: My Love is a Mountain
My love is a mountain
Glittering white with snow
And no one can mine it
It’s stone

Could I be the one you wanted
A diamond in the coal
But no one could find it
It’s over

And it’s all I ever knew
it’s all I ever knew

So bury me in a silver locket
Or move miles and miles away
But your eyes turn skyward
To the north, to the north

And it’s all I ever knew
it’s all I ever knew
it’s all I ever knew
Track Name: You Fade Away
Colored lights and clapboard cheap motels and starlight
Restaurants glow like a string of oiled pearls
As the smoke pours up through manholes in shimmering spirals
Curling up the walls to rooms with rooftop views
Under the wings and in the hollows little pockets filled with secrets
Oh yeah we run
Through the bridges and the tunnels throwing boots that catch on wires
We’re gonna run

So take these photographs and just cut them into pieces
Til you landscapes become beautiful and wild
Take these one-night stands and longtime disappointments
Turn them into bars of gold and vintage wine

I will change my name
Forget everything

Until the sun’s drawn in the water and the copters circle low up above
Until the dream is just a dream of someone else’s fantasy life

(you fall away)
(you fall away)
(you fall away)
(you fall away)
Track Name: Just Here to Watch the Show
I don’t want to fall in love tonight
I’m just here to watch the show
And then go home, go home

The kitchen was too quiet and
My coat was near the door
I came alone, alone

Turn off the lights it gets real quiet
Now’s the hardest part
When your eyes light up like rockets
But I won’t turn around
Won’t turn around, around

Tonight, tonight
I won’t listen in
Or think about
Your mouth
Track Name: In the House of Baba Yaga
It’s hunting time
A ball falls to the ground
Build a fire like Jack London’s

When November ends
And the Artic winds cut down
Slumber til the snow melts
And you cannot just pretend

Sure we’re all alone
In a house made out of
Broken bones on chicken legs
That run

So write your name
With a finger in the frost
Waiting, waiting for the holidays
Waiting, waiting for the holidays
Track Name: Make Your Own Danger
Chase me through a dream life
On a motorcycle made of ice
Swimming in the man-made lake
Safari in the mall at night

Let’s dive straight down
Let’s drive all night

Let’s dive, brake lights red against the snow
Let’s make our own danger
Cuz danger makes us feel real close

A figure in the headlights
An empty bottle in the snow
Let’s work on our addiction
Addiction makes us feel real close
And I just want to feel real close
We just want to feel real close
Track Name: Sun Kissed Slashes
Under the bridge fires punctuate the darkness
Salvaged my mast from a fire sale in Queens
The city blows up, trembling in the water
And I holler, innocent and free

Floating downstream, somewhere in Indiana
Counting the silos and singing La Marseillaise
Stealing corn and weaving wild flowers
Into a sail that’s bigger than the sun

Trucks and chains and tires rusting on the shore
Sun-kissed slashes I steer right past
Mistook your rockets for fireworks and flares
I guess the hunt is on, tracers mark the bullseye

Forever westward, forever expanding
Armadas armed with waterguns and mirrors
The crowd is cheering, throwing neon streamers
And we holler, innocent and free
Track Name: Apocalyptic Lullaby
Hush now baby, baby don’t you cry
Cuz stars are shooting arrows from their eyes
And battleships keep falling from the sky
Another a beautiful night
So baby don’t cry

A million fruit shaped islands they will bloom
In a sea of pink champagne foam
And your coconut shell boat it will rock
Til we both fall asleep and awake
Beneath a wild, trembling oak
We’ll wake to the chocolate caresses of a ghost
And the icicle flowers will sing to us
In reverse…